The Bando is more than just food. In 2017 founders Richard Burk III and Terry Bartholomew founded a mentorship program, Building Better Brothers Inc. Through this program they have done many community give backs, male empowerment meetings, and monthly mentoring events. All to stimulate growth in the inner-city of Atlanta. Their love for mentoring young boys is unmatched. Over the years they have helped mentor, teach, and coach more than 50 inner-city boys in the metro Atlanta area. During this time they have seen growth in many of their mentees. For them, giving back is their ultimate goal. 


    In 2019 the founders had a vision to create their own school. Building Better Brothers Academy was born. Over the next 12 months they’d work tirelessly too curate an all boys school with community in mind. Their goal is to create a school unlike any other for the Atlanta community. Their vision is to take at-risk boys and help mold them into positive young men using a culturally competent curriculum. 


    THE BANDO is more than just food. The Bando is about creating a cultural awakening in the city of Atlanta. The profits from The Bando are going towards assisting  mentoring young boys, helping families in need, and building a school for at risk male adolescents. 


     Community involvement is a major value Burk & Bradshaw instills in all their employees. Giving back to the community is something THE BANDO prides itself on. Coming Soon, THE BANDO will hold its first ever back to school block party in conjunction with their grand opening.