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 This is The Heart of Our Staff &
What We do for The Kids

The Bando began with educators who quit their school during the covid pandemic. With a young staff and a love for community work the team came together to build a space for kids, shit talking, art, and good ass wings.
The space is more than a wing spot. It's a museum.
It's a mentorship program.

We want people to know THE BANDO story
from educators, to free meals, to feeding homeless,
to the celebrities that have come.

We So Atlanta


We do not follow rules we make our own.
We have kept the same staff for almost 3 years by truly working with the community
We fuck up , but we try to make it right. 


The facility was created with the youth in mind despite what people think. There is a plethora of good that takes place from mentoring to more.
It's time to show this to the world. 


We mentor Atlanta boys.
Keep them busy and off the streets. Family first.
Same boys have worked at the location for 3 years now and they are about to graduate high school.


Words for Rocc from Terry & The Bando

Rocc 💔💔💔 You were only 15 man. This is a hard one.. Terry met Rocc his first year in education. Terry was working at KIPP VISION MIDDLE SCHOOL … Rocc didn’t like Terry because he called him by his government name, Terence 😂. Once he found out Terry's name was Terrence too he quickly began calling him “twin”….. He’d always sneak in school to come see Terry. While being an educator at Kipp Terry had the beauty of forming a mentoring program BBB (Building Better Brothers)…. Outside of school they took these boys around the city, in our homes, and they soon became part of the family. Rocc was special. Rocc was loyal by default. Rocc opened up to Terry about life, family, love, and becoming a man over the years. Rocc rode with Terry to school in the morning 6th grade year . He rode home with Terry after school. Rocc was at Terry's house all the time. He knew Terry's family. "Rocc burned a damn hole in my carpet and tried to lie to me but couldn’t lie for shit 😂." That boy was a beautiful soul who smiled all the time. Terry and Rocc's bond was different. He was a leader who always had a 4.0 GPA or better. Rocc was coming with Terry every week secretly designing BANDO merchandise to sell for the store. But those work meetings soon turned into just sessions for Rocc to vent about life. "You always told me to get a damn haircut before we went out cause you tired of me looking homeless. You always called me on my Shìt and I let you be authentically yourself with me. I got to see a side of you most don’t. In those deep dark conversations I could see your maturity." This boy was destined for GREATNESS. Terry and Rocc sat down at dinner not too long ago discussing dual enrollment at GSU for college credit. Stanford was a school they kept talking about Rocc attending. "THANK YOU for visiting me that day at THE BANDO! I told you come by everyday and drive safely….. you replied, “I’ll come by but idk about everyday now” 😂😂😂😂. You’d always tell me , “I love you fat mf” hahaha… I know you in heaven talking shit now my guy." "I’m out twin ✌️ …. From Terrence to Terence I love you boy and imma miss you 💔😢." We will never forget you. Forver in our hearts.

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"The Bando promises to donate 1,000
meals to those in need before January 1st 2024. It costs
literally NOTHING to give back to the community and
people in need. People TALK a good game, but not many
people DO shit. The Bando, staff, & mentees came
together to feed the homeless. We always do things like
this, but never document th
em. We can't wait to show
more of our philanthropic side with, The Bando Gives
Back. We appreciate y'all"

-The Bando Staff

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